June Beauty Haul

Happy Fourth! I hope you’re all enjoying the day.

I thought I’d share about the beauty products I found/tried in June. Before I do, I should probably tell you that I really like old things. Like… a lot.

I watch a lot of classic TV shows, like I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffith Show, and The Dick Van Dyke Show. I always wondered how the women in the ’50’s and ’60’s got such perfect lips. And so when my friend gave me vintage inspired lipstick for my graduation, I fell in love.


It’s a lovely deep red – the perfect red! It’s a replica of a shade from 1946. It applies so smoothly, stays on for hours, and doesn’t smudge (not to mention, it smells reeeally good.) And because of its vintage design, getting the perfect shape is easy. I receive compliments every time I wear it.

The second time I wore it, I decided to find the company’s website and bought another shade. That’s how excited I was about it. I found a lovely dark pink-ish shade called Dusty Rose, a replica of a shade made in 1969, and ordered it straight away.

It’s a little more of a natural shade than the red, so it’s more appropriate for everyday looks. I love both lipsticks and I hope to order more!

Along with Dusty Rose, I ordered this beautiful rouge (also 1969.) I don’t even normally wear blush or anything on my cheeks, but after trying this totally blendable, lovely color, I was sold. I wear it almost every time I do my makeup. My grandma even likes it. 😉

The best part about Besame, in my opinion, is that they’re partners with Disney. So they have cute Disney character-inspired products! Perfect for cosplayers or performers looking to create authentic looks!

Aside from Besame’s beautiful products, I decided to purchase perfume. I’m not usually a perfume wear-er. My mum has asthma that reacts to certain scents, so it’s safer for me to stick to the citrus family of essential oils. However, I found a Tuscan Blood Orange Pacifica roll-on, and I love it. It’s a lovely light summery scent, and I’ve worn it very often since I bought it.

I also bought their Island Vanilla perfume, but unfortunately, I can’t recommend that one. While it has a pleasant vanilla scent, I found it to be too heavy and I feel like an old lady when I use it.

Lastly, the final thing I bought in June was a highlight brush (which I had needed for a while) made by EcoTools. The first makeup brush I ever bought was made by EcoTools. All of my brushes are made by them, and with proper up-keep, have lasted me for years.

I don’t usually buy this many new beauty products in just one month. But my new-found love for Besame prompted me to find more products like the first one I tried, and I’m so glad I did.

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