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Head in the Game

Hello everyone! It’s production week for the show I’m currently in, and so I haven’t had much time to post.

Considering it’s tech week, I thought I’d share about it.

I have been part of many casts for different shows. Each one is special in its own right. I think the thing that makes theatre so fun is the sense of community and togetherness that connects people working together for the same goal. And the performance, of course. šŸ™‚


With that said, sometimes it’s difficult during production week – I’ve even heard it referred to as “Hell Week.” It’s the final time we have as a cast to polish everything and make it all complete. Therefore, directors and cast members are stressed. So as we headed into the first of our final four rehearsals, I made a list of things I needed to remind myself of.

  1. Be kind to everyone and offer to HELP if you have time! Don’t get in the stage crew’s way, and say thank you often.
  2. Don’t be stressed – take deep breaths and hug each other. These moments won’t last forever. Enjoy it all!
  3. Take care of yourself! Get plenty of sleep, drink tea, and take your vitamin C. Don’t overuse your voice.
  4. Take lots and lots of pictures.
  5. Don’t complain and create an atmosphere of negativity. Yes, it’s hot. Yes, you’re tired. But it’s worth it! Plus, a director hearing you be positive = brownie points.
  6. Pay attention to notes at the end of the night; they’re given to help you grow as a performer. Do what you’re asked to do.
  7. STAY IN CHARACTER! React to things happening around you onstage.
  8. Keep your head in the game.

If you’re in a show this summer, or have some extra things that you remind yourself of before a production, let me know what it is in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you.





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