June Beauty Haul

Happy Fourth! I hope you're all enjoying the day. I thought I'd share about the beauty products I found/tried in June. Before I do, I should probably tell you that I really like old things. Like... a lot. I watch a lot of classic TV shows, like I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffith Show, and The Dick… Continue reading June Beauty Haul

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journaling Supplies

It might be super obvious, but I'll say it anyway - I love bullet journaling and the capability it gives me to organize things. Some might say that you only need a black pen to bullet journal. That is true. But... A huge part of why I like to use my bullet journal is because I… Continue reading Bullet Journaling Supplies

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journaling: What you need to know

I have used a bullet journal (or "dot diary", as my dad likes to call it) for about a year. Since I started, I have realized a whole new level of organization and experienced peace in an area of life that used to be stressful. To be clear, I was skeptical of the bullet journal… Continue reading Bullet Journaling: What you need to know


Five Tools for Successful Practice

Thanks for joining me! I am so excited to start sharing about some of my favorite things. Practicing an instrument can often be tedious or stressful, especially if you're on a deadline. I want to share some of the practice strategies that I enjoy using that help speed up the time. A few years ago,… Continue reading Five Tools for Successful Practice